Hydrogen Mem-Tech certified for environmental management system ISO 14001

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Hydrogen Mem-Tech

Sustainability is a core value at Hydrogen Mem-Tech. Now we have another certification to further prove it: The international ISO 14001 standard.

In Hydrogen Mem-Tech we are proud to offer technology – our hydrogen separators – that is crucial for the green transition and for reducing carbon emissions, replacing fossil fuel with cleaner energy. We are also proud of having sustainability as one of the company’s values.

We must walk the walk and talk the talk, every day, every year, so it is really a no-brainer for us to work according to the environmental management system (EMS) standard ISO 14001.

HMT's second ISO certification

Back in 2022 Hydrogen Mem-Tech was qualified for the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. A few weeks ago, we were certified according to the ISO 14001 standard as well. 

Good for the environment, and good business: The ISO 14001 certification is proof for our customers, partners, and investors that Hydrogen Mem-Tech comply with this internationally recognised environmental standard.

In the certification process we have worked with Kiwa, an internationally renowned agency for testing, inspection, and certification.

More about the ISO 14001

The international standard ISO 14001 lines out all the various requirements for an environmental management system. 

At its core, an EMS provides a company like ours a great framework to measure and improve our environmental performance. The EMS parameters will help us to identify, manage, monitor, and control the environmental impact of our business.

In addition to develop and implement an EMS, part of the certification requirement for ISO 14001 is to conduct a thorough environmental impact assessment, setting objectives and targets, and continuously and systematically monitor and measure the company’s environmental performance.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 170 national standards bodies.