Hydrogen Mem-Tech is certified as Great Place to Work

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Hydrogen Mem-Tech

We are proud to announce that Hydrogen Mem-Tech is now certified as a Great Place to Work. This certification is recognized as a global authority on workplace culture and acknowledges employers for creating exceptional employee experiences.

- We are immensely proud of this certification, but what's crucial is how we have made Hydrogen Mem-Tech an outstanding workplace, says CEO Thomas Reinertsen.

- For us being a technology-driven scale-up, we must attract people with diverse professional backgrounds, knowledge, and expertise. Innovation thrives when these varied backgrounds merge in our daily operations, says Reinertsen.

A Stamp of Approval for our Employees

The Great Place to Work certification process consists of conducting employee surveys and filling out a brief workforce questionnaire. The certification, based on employee feedback and independent analysis, serves as a benchmark for job seekers to identify companies with a genuinely great company culture. 

- We have great belief in our technology and our contribution to a more sustainable, low-emission future. That means we will grow as a company and need a lot more talent and expertise in the future. This certification is a stamp of approval for us when we are recruiting new people, as it is a globally recognized endorsement of our employee experience, says Hydrogen Mem-Tech HR Director, Helene Møller Rørvik.

Excitement from Day One

This exciting mix of technology and sustainability focus is an attractive one as well. Even though Hydrogen Mem-Tech has grown significantly in the last years, this is still a very lean company, offering new employees a chance to significantly contribute to innovation, technology development and product offerings from day one.

-  I wanted to work for Hydrogen Mem-Tech because I want to be a part of something greater than myself and contribute to the green transition, says HSEQ Director Camilla Berge Jacobsen.

Camilla is a great example of the diverse backgrounds among our employees. Before becoming a HSE and quality professional, she was a nurse practitioner before she completed a PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences.

Product developer Marie Strømsheim has a PhD from the department of chemical engineering at Trondheim’s NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) within surface science investigations of cobalt and palladium.

- Our technology is a very good example of how you have collaboration between research and industry and how that can bring forth very important technology that can cut emissions and contribute to the use of hydrogen in society, says Marie Strømsheim. 

- We're committed to tackling complex challenges in technology and sustainability. It's vital work, offering our employees a chance to significantly contribute to a greener tomorrow, says CEO Thomas Reinertsen.

More on the Great Place to Work Certification

Great Place to Work collaborates with organizations worldwide, and provides industry-leading data on employee experiences, derived from extensive surveys completed by millions of employees globally. This data helps organizations understand employee interaction with their workplace and sets international benchmarks for working conditions.

“The organization has met the requirements of the global standard for a good workplace. Great Place to Work® Institute Norway has verified this through a comprehensive survey assessing employees' experiences of trust, pride, and camaraderie in the workplace. The organization undergoes an annual certification process to document the workplace experience”, it says on the Hydrogen Mem-Tech certification diploma.