Hydrogen Mem-Tech hires Lars Fredrik Revling as CFO

Lars Fredrik Revling (37) is the new CFO in Hydrogen Mem-Tech. Revling comes from DNB Markets where he has worked with Investment Banking.

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Hydrogen Mem-Tech

«We are very pleased to have such a skilled and experienced person as Lars Fredrik as our CFO when we are entering into an important phase for growth and international investment in Hydrogen Mem-Tech», says Thomas Reinertsen in Hydrogen Mem-Tech.

Revling has a master's degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Management (NHH). He has previously worked as an advisor in Medici Corporate and Pareto Securities before being in DNB Markets for the past six years. Now he is bringing his valuable experience into renewable technology.

«It is incredibly exciting to be part of the team working to realize the strong potential that lies in the technology Hydrogen Mem-Tech has developed. The company is entering an important growth phase where both reputable investors and international industrial players are showing interest, which will require rapid scaling. I am looking forward to being a part of the journey the company now is embarking on», says Revling.

For Revling the chance to take part of the big energy transition societies must go through was a major reason to choose Hydrogen Mem-Tech.

«For me, this is a rational choice. It is very motivating to be able to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale. In addition, leading investors are looking for green growth companies, and I want to contribute realizing Hydrogen Mem-Techs potential», says Revling.

Hydrogen Mem-Tech has developed a technology that produces hydrogen from bio and natural gas, prior to combustion, in a specially designed separator. The separator has no moving parts, no need for chemicals and its small size means it can be used at various sites. The separators use palladium membranes to secrete hydrogen. The pilot phase is now a thing of the past, and the company has already been awarded contracts from two Norwegian companies.

«The interest we get in the market now is mainly international, and since our technology can be used on natural gas, biogas and eventually on ammonia, the areas of use are wide, and the customer base is large. Our main priority now is to manage our investors' money well and ensure healthy growth. I'm very happy to have Lars Fredrik on the team for this important leg of our journey», says Reinertsen.