Are you keen on selling one of the great solutions for a cleaner, greener future?

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Hydrogen Mem-Tech

What we offer: A leading sales role in a great company and the possibility to drive the future of clean energy.

You don’t have to be too intimidated by our introductory questions. You don’t even have to tick all the boxes. But this might give you an idea of what we are looking for:

  • Have you been working with sales on an international level?
  • Do you have upstream experience from oil and gas?
  • Background in process engineering or tech?
  • Been part of a start-up company before?
  • Want a job with a great purpose?
  • Like to travel for work?

Still sound interesting? Let’s tell you more about us and what we do.

Unlocking the potential of hydrogen

With Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s clean, compact, competitive, and fully scalable hydrogen separation technology, we're on a quest to unlock a future with substantially lower carbon emissions. We are determined to help solve the world’s energy needs by unlocking the potential of hydrogen.

And this is where you come in – if you have the right drive, motivation, experience, and skills. This is a great opportunity to join our dedicated team of hydrogen technology frontrunners.

Explore and define a market

A crucial part of the job will be to bridge the knowledge gap of the possibilities of our hydrogen technology and value proposal to a market that is very curious about the future of hydrogen, but also sometimes hesitant because they know they are looking for something but are not sure what that “something” is. For all practical purposes, that means not only selling products and technology, but also exploring and defining emerging markets.

Selling the future of hydrogen to the navigators of green transition is a job filled with purpose, in a scale-up company that brims with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds. We are not just bragging when we say that Hydrogen Mem-Tech is a great place to work; we are a certified Great Place to Work.

An office in the heart of Oslo

The start-up spirit is still intact in Hydrogen Mem-Tech, even though the company has entered the scale-up level. Thanks to a constantly growing staff of versatile expertise, Hydrogen Mem-Tech has made a significant leap as a company in a short time. The growth is manifested in multiple ways: The company is ahead of schedule on the initial investment plan stemming from the previous capital raise in May 2022. The next steps are new investments and, hopefully, new milestones.

We are a close-knit company. Our headquarters and factory are in Trondheim, Norway. The sales team is primarily situated in Oslo, so this is where we want you to be based. Here we have bright and modern office facilities in a creative environment, right in the heart of downtown. What’s not to like!

DOWNTOWN OFFICE: Hydrogen Mem-Tech CEO Thomas Reinertsen (left) and Chief Sales Officer Jørgen Svare in the Oslo office, where the sales team is situated.

SELLING THE FUTURE: Jørgen Svare and business development manager Stephan Laux at World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands in May 2024.

Earlybird application opportunity

The vacant position as sales manager will be officially advertised in July. The interview process will take place in August – but please don’t hesitate to contact us now to show interest.

More about the job:

As our new Sales Manager, you will play a key part in our ambitious strategy, where your primary role will be to develop market plans and build the sales team. This includes strategic work and go-to-market activities, in close cooperation with the CSO, CEO, and technical staff. You will get the chance to identify and establish new contacts, as well as maintain and improve existing customer relations.

Primary tasks:  

  • Driving sales performance in the company
  • Creating and executing sales strategies
  • Developing the sales department budget in cooperation with the CSO
  • Customer acquisition, development, and retention
  • Maintain department focus on environmental, safety, and governance goals of the company
  • Build and foster relationships to safeguard and ensure successful customer engagement

The Sales Manager will report to the Chief Sales Officer, and your primary work location will be at our central Oslo office. Our main markets are global, with a primary focus on Northern Europe and the USA. Be prepared for quite some travelling, to clients, conferences, and to our headquarters in Trondheim.

Get in touch!

HR Director

Helene Møller Rørvik

Helene is a recruitment specialist with a background in environmental science.

Jørgen Svare

Jørgen has 20+ years of professional experience on all continents, building new market niches and developing high performing sales teams.