Our People

Developing technology to make the world a better place is a complex task.

For us in Hydrogen Mem-Tech, it is crucial that we attract people with diverse professional backgrounds, knowledge, and expertise. Innovation thrives when all these backgrounds and skills merge in our daily operations.

Hydrogen Mem-Tech has grown significantly in the last years, but we are still a very lean company. That means we can offer new employees a chance to significantly contribute to innovation, technology development and product offerings from day one.

"We're committed to tackling complex challenges in technology and sustainability. It's vital work, offering our employees a chance to significantly contribute to a greener tomorrow."

Thomas Reinertsen / CEO Hydrogen Mem-Tech

Hydrogen Mem-Tech is a great place to work!

Hydrogen Mem-Tech is certified as a Great Place to Work. This certification is recognized as a global authority on workplace culture and acknowledges employers for creating exceptional employee experiences.

The certification, based on employee feedback and independent analysis, serves as a benchmark for job seekers to identify companies with a genuinely great company culture.

Meet some of our people

Are you curious about Hydrogen Mem-Tech? Get to know us better through our people!

Helene Møller Rørvik / HR Director

Helene is an adventurous person. She loves travelling, particularly to sunnier places, and enjoys going to concerts and sports events. But most important: She has always been a people’s person. When she left harsh Trondheim winters for much sunnier Australia at 19, to study environmental sciences and aqua culture, she quickly got herself a side gig at the university’s HR department. Saving the planet was interesting, but the people wanting to save the planet seemed even more interesting. Back in Norway, she ended up as a recruitment specialist, and eventually co-founding and developing a fast-growing Trondheim branch of a national recruitment agency. This is how she got to know Hydrogen Mem-Tech: Recruiting some great people to HMT that she is now taking care of as the company’s HR director. That’s a classic full circle move, combining sustainability, science, and people in one role.

Hanne Martinussen / Chief Operations Officer

Most days, Hanne wears two types of helmets. One for the bike ride back and forth to work, and a hard hat when inspecting the shiny new equipment and production lines in the refurbished factory building at Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s headquarters in Trondheim, of which she oversees the development and daily operations. In addition to all that fancy machinery, Hanne also dreams about getting an office shuffleboard. Work hard, play hard! Hanne has a PhD in laser interferometry, but also vast experience from product and technology development, as well as developing the people working with development. Working on great ideas and solutions for the future through science and creative problem-solving, like hydrogen separation, has turned into kind of a lifestyle. “It’s great to be part of something important together with great people sharing a passion for innovation and sustainability”.

Magnus Sletvold / Supply Chain Manager

When Magnus had his case presentation during his job interview, he told us the story about the hardest product to move around logistically in his previous job: New-picked strawberries. His passion for optimizing logistics, streamlining processes and to avoid every little bump in the road makes him a very valuable asset for Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s growth journey. “I like to be efficient in my job”, he quips, pun intended. “Working with fresh produce at a grocery chain might seem like a completely different world from hydrogen technology, but you need world-class logistics, purchasing, warehousing and transportation to succeed with both”, he says. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his fiancée and two kids, playing football in the yard, or catch some fish at the family cabin by the sea. Probably getting the catch straight to the kitchen in the shortest time possible!

Marie Døvre Strømsheim / Product developer

As a daughter of a physicist, Marie has always been passionate about natural science. At NTNU, she started investigating how metal surfaces behave under exposure to process gases. Like palladium, the rare and expensive component so crucial in the membrane of Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s hydrogen separation technology. While working on her PhD at Trondheim’s renowned Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and subsequently a post-doc, she got a whiff of what was going on with our separator development. A great opportunity to combine her science background with the more commercial approach of R&D. Marie is now a beacon of scientific knowledge here at Hydrogen Mem-Tech, constantly working on improving our membrane technology, our product offering and our technology’s overall emission-reducing potential.

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