Our approach to sustainability

Respect for people and our planet is at the heart of everything we do.

Our environmental footprint

Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s market-leading technology enables businesses large and small to produce pure hydrogen from bio- and natural gases through a clean and cost-effective process.

Our separators are cheap to maintain and can be recycled. We have standardised our product design, allowing for higher rates of re-use. We are also reducing the use of different gases in our production process. We no longer use chemicals, only mechanical cleaning, or water and eco-friendly detergents.

Additionally, we are insulating the roof and walls of our entire production hall, and use LED-lighting across our offices and production facilities to save electricity and improve lighting. We choose environmentally friendly transport whenever we can, use minimal paper, recycle much production waste and dispose of the rest safely.

Our commitment


Hydrogen Mem-Tech is committed to systematically reducing our environmental impact further, in line with our policies and goals.
We work systematically and consistently with comprehensive risk management across all aspects of the company in order to protect people, environment and the surrounding community. We also continuously evaluate the impact of our work in order to choose the most environmentally friendly solutions, in line with laws and regulations and our own policies and goals.
Our internal sustainability program is integrated into our annual company activity plan. This includes activities to safeguard the climate and environment, social responsibility, ethics, employee recruitment and training.
We also implement, develop and report our work according to established Environmental, Social and Governance (ESC) guidelines, and update these annually.

Our Code of Conduct

Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s Code of Conduct covers ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, human rights and the environment.

We operate with the highest ethical standards towards our colleagues, suppliers, partners, owners, clients and local communities. All our employees must act responsibly, comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, contribute to sustainable solutions, and show respect for basic human rights.

Our company adheres to all relevant international conventions that support anti-slavery and anti-corruption, including the Transparency Act. We are strengthening our supply chain control system and updating our safety and risk management procedures every two months.

We see diversity as a huge asset to our company and are actively working to prevent any kind of discrimination. We acknowledge the current challenges facing our male-dominated industry and strive to develop our internal practices to achieve equality.

Our aim is to build a company culture where every employee has equal opportunities regardless of their sex, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, and cultural/political background.

Read our Code of Conduct.